SMI 2012
Shape Modeling International 2012
May 22-25 2012
College Station, Texas, USA
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Helmut Pottman Greg N. Frederickson Carlo Séquin
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Shape Modeling International 2012
Conference Chairs: Ergun Akleman and John Keyser

Shape Modeling International (SMI) provides an international forum for the dissemination of new mathematical theories and computational techniques for modeling, simulating and processing digital representations of shapes and their properties to a community of researchers, developers, students, and practitioners across a wide range of fields.

Shape Modeling International 2012 (SMI’12) will be organized in College Station Texas from May 22nd 2012 to May 25th 2012. The conference will be held using the computer science and visualization interdisciplinary space in Emerging Technologies and Economic Development Interdisciplinary (ETED) Building and/or the classroom and auditorium spaces of Langford Center of College of Architecture at Texas A&M University.

Conference will have four types of activities including technical papers, practical papers, courses & tutorials and sculpture exhibition. The conference will be 4 days. We will have courses and tutorials, presentations of technical and practical papers. Art exhibition will be open during the conference. The following list is detailed explanation of the activities.

Chairs: John Hart and Scott Schaefer
Submission deadline: Dec. 2, 2011
"The papers decisions are completed and authors are notified by Feb. 5 2012."
Call for papers: Technical papers, as before, is the core of the conference. All accepted papers will be published in Computers & Graphics. All submissions will be handled via the Elsevier EES system following a two-stage peer review cycle. The papers will be accepted in two different categories; as full-lenght papers and short papers. Full and short papers will be presented in different sessions with 20 and 10 minutes presentation slots.

Chairs: Carlo Séquin and Wei Yan
Submission deadline: Extended to Feb. 5, 2012
Call for papers: This is a new category, which can let practitioners such as Architects and Sculptors describe their methods. We expect these papers will provide new questions and motivations for shape modeling research. We will publish these papers as a special issue of Hyperseeing magazine, similar to Leonardo in Siggraph. Practical papers will have 15 minutes presentation time and most likely will be presented in parallel sessions with some technical papers. <

Chairs: Cindy Grimm and Ann McNamara
Submission deadline: Mar. 31, 2012
Call for proposals: We ask for proposals for two/four hour tutorials/courses or workshops, which can be both practical and theoretical in the areas of shape design, fabrication and construction.

Chair: Gabriel Esquivel and Goran Konjevod
Submission deadline: Mar. 15, 2012
Call for submissions: For the exhibition, we consider virtual and digital 3-D work, objects of sensation, and sculptures in addition to actual physical surfaces, objects, models and sculptures. Some virtual digital forms and surfaces can be rendered and printed as a poster.

Helmut Pottmann : Freeform Architecture and Fabrication-Aware Design
Greg N. Frederickson: Beyond Swinging: Hinged Dissections that Twist or Fold
Carlo H. Séquin: The Design and Realization of Large-Scale Free-Form Sculptures

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