SMI 2012
Shape Modeling International 2012
May 22-25 2012
College Station, Texas, USA
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Virtual and Physical Shape Exhibition

Innovative virtual and pysical shapes to be exhibited in College Station are being sought in all types of shapes including (but not limited to) classical sculptures, architectural designs such as buildings, industrial designs such as car bodies or virtual designs such as 3D movie characters.

All submissions will be handled via the easy-chair system following a one-stage peer review cycle. For the review, one page executive summary of the work (shapes) will be submmited. Executive summary will include a short description photos and renderings of the submitted work. The submissions will be reviewed by sculptors, designers, and architects. The executive summaries of the accepted works will be published in the exhibition catalog. Accepted works will be exhibited in College Station in virtual (as photographs or images of the work) or in physical form.

The goal of the exhibition is to present work from innovative participants dealing with techniques in the fields of visualization, mathematics, architecture, art and design. Introducing different groups of creators like architects, designers and artists who are crossing the boundaries of computational logic, materials and technology to a wide variety of people and providing opportunities to share their work, and exchange ideas. Similar to other exhibitions, this effort does not about classifications or answer specific questions, but the premise is to collect a wide variety of forms from creators with technology and computation from interactive design, parametrics, fabrication all the way to sensation.

Submissions will be in the form of one page executive summary / abstract. All accepted one page abstracts will be published in exhibition catalog. All submissions will be handled via the easy-chair system following a one-stage peer review cycle. Submission website:

Important Dates

Mar. 15, 2012, Executive summaries due
Mar. 30, 2012, Acceptance notification

Below we provide some examples that can give you ideas:

The Bridges Organization:
Art and Mathematics
ISAMA: The international Society of the Arts, Mathematics and Architecture

Texas A&M University
College of Architecture
Texas A&M University
Visualization Department
Texas A&M University
Computer Science Department