SMI 2012
Shape Modeling International 2012
May 22-25 2012
College Station, Texas, USA
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Helmut Pottman Greg N. Frederickson Carlo Séquin
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Shape Modeling International 2012 - FULL PROGRAM
(All presentations are in Langford B - Geren Auditorium except one of the parallel courses. )
May 22, 2012

May 23, 2012

May 24, 2012

May 25, 2012

08:30-9:50: Registration
09:30-9:50: Opening
-Welcome to the conference
- Paper submissions/sessions
- Courses and exhibition
- Logistics and schedule
08:30-9:50: Keynote Speech
Chair: Scott Schaefer

Helmut Pottmann
Freeform Architecture and Fabrication-Aware Design

08:30-9:50 Keynote Speech
Chair: Ergun Akleman

Greg N. Frederickson
Beyond Swinging: Hinged Dissections that Twist or Fold

08:30-9:50 FASE Keynote Speech
Chair: John Hart

Carlo H. Séquin
The Design and Realization of Large-Scale Free-Form Sculptures

9:50-10:10: Coffee Break 9:50-10:10: Coffee Break 9:50-10:10: Coffee Break 9:50-10:10: Coffee Break
10:10-11:50: Processing Parametric Models
Chair: Ken Sloan
  • FULL: Curve intersection using hybrid clipping
  • FULL: Interpolating an Arbitrary Number of Joint B-Spline Curves by Loop Surfaces
  • SHORT: On the problem of instability in the dimension of a spline space over a T-mesh
  • FULL: Component-aware Tensor-product Trivariate Splines of Arbitrary Topology
10:10-11:50: Fitting
Chair: David Gu
  • FULL: Local Approximation of Scalar Functions on 3D Shapes and Volumetric Data
  • SHORT: A Revisit to Fitting Parametric Surfaces to Point Clouds
  • SHORT: Dimension-Independent Multi-Resolution Morse Complexes
  • SHORT: Mixed-Element Volume Completion from NURBS Surfaces
10:10-11:50: Modeling
Chair: Jyh-Ming Lien
  • FULL: Medial design of blades for hydroelectric turbines and ship propellers
  • FULL: Curvature-based Offset Distance: Implementation and Applications
  • FULL: Pattern Mapping with Quad-Pattern-Coverable Quad-Meshes
  • SHORT: Converting Skeletal Structures to Quad-Dominant Meshes
10:10-11:50: Computational Geometry
Chair: Jacob Baerentzen
  • FULL: Alpha-Decomposition of Polygons
  • FULL: Skeleton pruning by contour approximation and the integer medial axis transform
  • FULL: Consensus Meshing
  • FULL: GPU accelerated Convex Hull Computation
11:50-13:00: Lunch 11:50-13:00: Lunch 11:50-13:00: Lunch 11:50-13:00: Lunch
13:00-14:40: Geometry Compression
Chair: Patricio Simari
  • FULL: Progressive Encoding and Compression of Surfaces Generated from Point Cloud Data
  • FULL: Progressive Compression of Manifold Polygon Meshes
  • FULL: Encoding Normal Vectors using Optimized Spherical Coordinates
  • FULL:A Runtime Cache for Interactive Procedural Modeling
13:00-14:40: Differential Geometry
Chair: Rhaleb Zayer
  • FULL: Spectral Computations on Nontrivial Line Bundles
  • FULL: Posture-Invariant Statistical Shape Analysis Using Laplace Operator
  • FULL: Canonical Conformal Mapping for High Genus Surfaces with Boundaries
  • FULL: As-Conformal-As-Possible Discrete Volumetric Mapping
13:00-13:50: FASE Session
Chair: Nat Friedman
  • FASE: Contour Armatures and Faired Surfaces in Combinative Sculpture
  • FASE: Kaleidogami: Multi-Primitive Reconfigurable Artistic Structures
13:00-14:15: Deformable Surfaces
Chair: Giuseppe Pantane
  • SHORT: VoxMorph: 3-Scale Freeform Deformation of Large Voxel Grids
  • SHORT: Stable volumetric features in deformable shapes
  • SHORT: Robust Wrinkle-Aware Non-Rigid Registration for Triangle Meshes of Hand with Rich and Dynamic Details
14:40-15:00: Coffee Break 14:40-15:00: Coffee Break 13:50-14:10: Coffee Break 14:15-14:35: Closing
15:00-16:40: Interactive Modeling
Chair: Xin Li
  • FULL: Interactive Modeling by Procedural High-Level Primitives
  • SHORT: A nonlinear static approach for curve editing
  • SHORT: Sketch Based 3D Modeling with Curvature Classification
  • SHORT: SPACESKETCH: Shape Modeling with 3D Meshes and Control Curves in Stereoscopic Environments
15:00-15:50: FASE Session
Chair: Wei Yan
  • FASE: Form, Space and Light: Cutting and Stacking
  • FASE: Prototyping Dissection Puzzles with Layered Manufacturing
14:10-15:50: Two Parallel Courses
  • (Langford B - Auditorium) Surface-, Flow-, and Volume-Based Techniques for Shape Modeling
    Giuseppe Patane', David Xiangfeng Gu, Xin Shane Li and Michela Spagnuolo
  • (Langford C105) Implicit Modelling
    Brian Wyvill, Alexander Pasko, John Hart and Herbert Grasberger
16:40-17:00: Coffee Break 15:50-16:10: Coffee Break 15:50-16:10: Coffee Break
17:00-17:50: FASE Session
Chair: Carlo Séquin
  • FASE: Decoration of plastic objects using multi view-dependent textures
  • FASE: Petal Variations: Surfaces For Light And Shadow Effect
16:10-18:15: Two parallel Courses:
  • (Langford B - Auditorium) Quaternions and Dual Quaternions by Ron Goldman
  • (Langford C105) Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation: Computation and Applications by Wenping Wang
16:10-18:15: Two Parallel Courses (Cont'd)
  • (Langford B - Auditorium)Surface-, Flow-, and Volume-Based Techniques for Shape Modeling
    Giuseppe Patane', David Xiangfeng Gu, Xin Shane Li and Michela Spagnuolo
  • (Langford C105) Implicit Modelling
    Brian Wyvill, Alexander Pasko, John Hart and Herbert Grasberger
. 19:00-21:00: Conference Dinner

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