SMI 2012
Shape Modeling International 2012
May 22-25 2012
College Station, Texas, USA
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Keynote Speaker

Helmut Pottmann

Freeform Architecture and Fabrication-Aware Design

Freeform surfaces play an increasingly important role in contemporary architec- ture. While digital models are easily created, the actual fabrication and construc- tion of architectural freeform structures remains a challenge. In order to make a freeform design realizable, one usually applies an optimization process known as rationalization. This means its decomposition into smaller parts, thereby meeting two competing objectives: feasibility, and consistency with the designer's inten- tions. A rationalized design is the output of a possibly very complicated nonlinear optimization, and it is very hard to make changes to such a highly constrained geometric model. The speaker will report on recent progress in unifying the two traditionally separate phases in freeform architecture, namely (i) shape design and (ii) ratio- nalization in view of the actual fabrication. In particular, we will discuss direct design methods for constrained meshes and related architectural structures, design space exploration based on local approximations of constraint manifolds and the design of structures in static equilibrium.

Short Biography

Helmut Pottmann is director of the Geometric Modeling and Scientific Visualization Center at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia. Prior to joining KAUST he has been professor of geometry at Vienna University of Technology and head of the 'Geometric Modeling and Industrial Geometry' research group. His research interests are in Applied Geometry and Visual Computing, in particular in Geometric Modeling, Geometry Processing and most recently in Geometric Computing for Architecture and Manufacturing.

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